As you can see, my boss and I are the only two health workers serving at this facility, I normally take charge of the facility in his absence. It has always been a challenge reaching out to him for assistance in such moments. Due to lack of airtime credits, sometimes I just beep his number and wait for him to call back. HNP will help me to easily communicate with my boss.

Nurse at a local dispensary in Geita region

We have allocated TZS 50,000 [about US$22] for airtime top up per month for the facility mobile number, and often times the amount is not enough. HNP will help us to avoid the cost and use the money for something else.

Medical officer at Shinyanga Regional Hospital

HNP has broadened my knowledge on family planning use and coverage country wide and its benefits. This has helped me a lot in providing family planning education to my clients and answering some of their concerns.

Medical officer at Iringa District Hospital

It is a good network and of great help. If we all collaborate effectively, we will learn a lot of things

Nurse at Mwananyamala Hospital, Dar es salaam